24 octubre, 2008

Madeleine MacCann mystery deepens

a. T b. T c. T d. F e. F f. T g. F h. T

1.disappearance a.vanishing
2 evidence b. proof
3. conducting c. carrying out
4. assess d. evaluate
5. formally e. officially
6. ordeal f. nightmare
7. agony g. pain
8. piled h. heaped
9. figure i. play a part
10. ludicrous j. absurd

1. The investigation into the a. disappearance of the four-year-old
2 a new search of the resort where the b. little girl mysteriously vanished
3. they will reopen the hunt after c. calling off the official search
4. blood found in the McCanns’ hire car d. was a full match to Madeleine’s
5. police formally stated that e. Madeleine’s parents were suspects
6.recover from the ordeal of being f. followed by a media circus
7. more agony might be g. piled on them by social workers
8. figure strongly h. in the discussions
9. a "lengthy assessment" i. would take place
10. before deciding if the twins j. are "at risk"

Madeleine McCann mystery deepens
The investigation into the disappearance of the four-year-old British girl Madeleine McCann continued yesterday with new "evidence" from Portuguese police. Detectives told reporters that they will start conducting new searches for the missing daughter of Gerry and Kate McCann. There will be a new search of the resort where the little girl mysteriously vanished on the third of May. Investigators gave no further reasons why they will reopen the hunt after calling off the official search a month ago. There are also new reports that blood found in the McCanns’ hire car was a full match to Madeleine’s DNA. The public prosecutor in Portugal will now assess whether charges should be brought against the couple. Earlier this week, the police formally stated that Madeleine’s parents were suspects in the case.
Meanwhile, back in their home in England, the McCanns are trying to recover from the ordeal of being followed by a media circus for the past four months. They told reporters that they will return to Portugal to continue their own search for their daughter. However, more agony might be piled on them by social workers and police in Britain, who are meeting to discuss the safety of the McCanns’ two-year-old twins. The fact that the parents left all three of their children alone at their holiday apartment on the night Madeleine disappeared will figure strongly in the discussions. A local government official said a "lengthy assessment" would take place before deciding if the twins are "at risk". The couple continue to tell reporters that the claims they had anything to do with their child’s disappearance are "ludicrous".

Key Innovations

Key pg 13Using Grammar (INNOVATIONS- Upper- Intermediate)
1 Presentt tenses3. is 4. Work 5. Works 6. Work 7. Is 8. Is 9. Is 10. Do 11. Does 12. Is 13. Work 14. Runs.4 Grammar in context1.works, ‘s working, ‘s trying.2. ‘s acting, ‘s not normally/isn’t normally.3. Runs, ‘s looking after4. Don’t talk, don’t you gat on5. ‘s, ‘s still waiting.6. Aren’t talking, ‘s still.

Olympic Games key/Tokyo Share Crisis

Olympic Games key
1 ended 2 display 3 memorable 4 achieve 5 officially 6 brings 7 record 8 set/got 9 summed 10 part 11 spirit 12 achieved/got 13 closer 14 peace 15 echoed 16 truly.
Tokyo Share Crisis
1 for 2 in 3into 4 before 5 for 6 into 7 for 8 for 9 for 10 to 11 at 12 down.

Key :Make & do/ Beat, earn & win

Make & do Key
1 make 2. made 3 made 4 make 5 do 6 make 7 make 8 made 9 do10 do11 making 12 do13 made 14 done 15 make 16 make 17 made 18 made 19 making 20 does 21 do 22 made 23 doing.
Beat, earn & win Key
1 earn 2 won 3 beat 4 beaten 5 won 6 beat 7 earning 8 earn 9 beat 10 beat 11 beat 12 beat 13 earned 14 earn.

10 octubre, 2008

A Biography (reading and writing Portfolio 4)

1. 2A 3E 4B 5C

2. 2 band he was in
3 try to get a record deal
4 Depp to take up acting himself
5 first film
6 made him famous/ made him a teenage idol
7 international star
8 Depp’s (new) partner

3. 2 Depp 3 Depp’s 4 a band 5 The kids 6 Los Angeles 7 in Los Angeles 8 Lori Anne Allison
9 Lori’s 10 becoming an actor 11 Nightmare on Elm Street 12 becoming a teenage idol 13 Depp 14 (a film role) came along 15 (starring in) Edward Scissorshands 16 after Edward Scissorshands 17 Depp’s and Vanessa’s 18 (his) films roles.

4. a) 2 sadly 3 unwillingly 4 unexpectedly 5 fortunately
b) 1. 2,5
2. 1,3,4

5. 2 then 3 his 4 this; he 5 them 6 one 7 did

6. 2 unfortunately 3 very likely 4 sadly 5 suddenly