31 marzo, 2009


Parts of a house Key

2. a main door b balcony c porch d shutter e skylight f chimney g garage h cellar i lounge j fireplace k staircase l built in cupboard m parquet n ceiling
vocabulary extension
compound words
1. 1 open plan 2 high rise 3 open air 4 air conditioning 5 dry cleaner 6 second hand 7 mod cons
positive: spacious, airy, quiet, atmospheric
negative: cramped, dark, tiny
neutral: modern, minimalist atmospheric, high rise

25 marzo, 2009


Hi intermediates,
your next writing is a description for 30th (L/M) or 31st (M/J) March. I’m posting some exercises so you can prepare it.

23 marzo, 2009


Hi Advanced,

Your next writing is a covering or application letter for 31st March. . I’m posting some exercises so you can prepare it. Click here to read about covering letters and here, here to see some examples , here at the bottom you have an exercise to practice and correct mistakes

17 marzo, 2009

GRAMMAR Explanations and exercises

Intermediate: Some explanations on the modals: Must, mustn’t and have to, and some exercises as well.
Advanced : some explanations on the use of Infinitive and Gerund, some exercises as well.


Hi all,
I know you are all missing English classes. I'm getting better, but as I told you yesterday, tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm going to the doctor and she'll decide.
I want you to continue with some work. Intermediates, If you can, practise this reading exercise.
Advanceds, here is a reading exercise for you. If you click at next exercise on the top of the page it will continue.

06 marzo, 2009


1 . 1 E 2 C 3 D 4 B 5 A
2. 1T 2 F 3 T 4 T 5 T 6 F 7 F 8 F 9 F 10 T 11 F


This is a link with cloze tests. click here and here

02 marzo, 2009


1 when 2 led 3 years 4 revolution 5 achieve 6 with 7 should 8 thought 9 shapes 10 enough 11 while 12 thanks 13 displays 14 even 15 ordinary 16 safety 17 after 18 anarchic 19 felt 20 longer


1 said 2 tell 3 say 4 said 5 telling 6 says 7 say 8 tell 9 say 10 tell 11 say 12 say 13 told 14 told 15 say 16 told 17 told 18 told.