21 enero, 2010

4 B Present perfect+ yet, just, already

a 3. Has he eaten the sandwich yet? No he hasn’t.
4. Has he turned off the computer? Yes, he has
5. Has he drunk his coffee yet? Yes, he has
6. Has he tidied hid desk yet? No he hasn’t.
7. Has he put away his CDs yet? Yes, he has
8. Has he made his bed yet? No he hasn’t.
9. Has he put away his clothes yet? No he hasn’t.
10. Has he finished talking on the phone yet? No he hasn’t.
b 2. He’s just been on holiday 3. she’s just failed an exam 4. she’s just missed her train 5. we’ve just had lunch 6. he’s just woken up.

4 A Present perfect or Past simple?

A eat, ate, eaten
Fly, flew, flown
Hear, heard, heard
Lose, lost, lost
Read, read, read
See, saw, seen
Win, won, won
Work, worked, worked
Write, wrote, written
B 2. she’s never eaten octopus
3. have they ever been late?
4.we’ve never seen a Tarantino film.
5. She’s written more than ten mystery novels.
6. I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings.
7. Have you ever worked in a clothes shop.
8, He’s won three gold medals.
9. They haven’t lost a match this year.
10. I’ve heard three of their album.
C 2. haven’t 3. saw 4.was 5. liked 6.have….. ever lost 7. have 8.did…. happen 9.was 10. did…do 11. phoned 12. made.

4B Grammar like + verb + -ing

2. she loves cooking 3. She doesn’t like doing 4. He likes watching 5. She loves reading 6.he doesn’t like dancing 7she likes playing 8. They hate getting up early. 9. he loves playing 10 she hates taking.

4 A Grammar can /can't

3. can I open? 4. can’t Draw. 5. can’t smoke 6. can’t hear 7. can’t swim 8. Can you help me? 9. can’t speak 10. can’t play 11. Can you open? 12. can’t find.