21 enero, 2010

4 A Present perfect or Past simple?

A eat, ate, eaten
Fly, flew, flown
Hear, heard, heard
Lose, lost, lost
Read, read, read
See, saw, seen
Win, won, won
Work, worked, worked
Write, wrote, written
B 2. she’s never eaten octopus
3. have they ever been late?
4.we’ve never seen a Tarantino film.
5. She’s written more than ten mystery novels.
6. I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings.
7. Have you ever worked in a clothes shop.
8, He’s won three gold medals.
9. They haven’t lost a match this year.
10. I’ve heard three of their album.
C 2. haven’t 3. saw 4.was 5. liked 6.have….. ever lost 7. have 8.did…. happen 9.was 10. did…do 11. phoned 12. made.

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