17 diciembre, 2009

Will - Going to

Put the correct words into the sentences
will, going, won’t not, going
1. going         6. going
2. not going   7. going or not going
3. won’t        8. will
4. going         9. will or won’t
5. will            10. won’t - going

Time Unit 91

91.1 3. On 4. At 5. In 6. In 7.on  8. On 9. In 10. At 11. On 12 . In 13. In 14. In 15. On 16. On 17. At 18. At 19. At 20. On 21. At
91.2 2. On 3. At 4. In 5. In 6. In 7. On 8. On 9. In 10. At 11. On 12. In 13. At 14. In 15. On 16 At 17. In 18. In 19. At 20. At
91.3 2. Phone you in 3 days. 3. My exam is in 14 days 4. Tom will be here in 30 minutes
91.4  2 - 3. In 4.- 5. - 6. At 7.- 8. - 9. On 10. 11. At 12. In

Grammar 3D Tense revision

2. Does ... have 3. Isn’t playing 4. Wrote 5. Is giving/ is going to give 6.are... doing 7. Did....get , took 8. Were arguing 9. Were... doing 10. Does.... get 11. Was driving 12. Do... do 13. Won’t hurt 14. I’m not working 15. Are ... doing/ going to do, Do ... want 16. Are .... going to study 17. We’ll meet 18. Went 19.did... go 20. Was walking.

Grammar 3C Will/ Going to

2. is going to stay 3. Is going to travel 4. I’ll call 5. I’ll take 6. Are you going to do 7. I’m going to stay 8.We’re going to have 9.I’ll make 10 I’m going to have 11. I’ll bring 12. I’ll have 13. Are you going to stay 14. I’m going to catch 15.I’ll pay 16. I’ll pay 17.I’m going to paint 18. I’ll help.


Read the text and choose the correct linking word or phrase for each gap.

It was very windy when I set off from the airport last Monday morning. The sky was full of dark clouds and soon it started to rain heavily. What a great way to start a holiday!
   While I was driving to the airport, the storm got worse. Suddenly, a huge flash of lightning struck a tree. It came crashing down just meters in front of my car. The fallen tree completely blocked the road, so I was stuck. I tried to call the emergency services on my mobile, but the line was dead.
   I was positive that I'd miss my plane, so I turned on the radio and tried to get used to the idea. Soon there was a loud knock at the window. To my surprise it was a young man in leather clothes, "Need a ride?" he said. My plane was leaving in an hour so I didn't think twice. I grabbed my bags, climbed carefully onto the motorcycle and shouted urgently, "To the airport please!"
   It was my first time on a motorcycle so I was terrified. The young man drove so fast that I kept my eyes tightly shut all the way. Suddenly, the motorcycle came to a halt. "We're here!" he said. I looked at my watch and saw that I was just in time for my flight. The young man wished me a nice trip, then quickly sped away.
   As soon as my plane took off, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I could now relax and enjoy holiday.

15 diciembre, 2009


1. a,b. 1. Similar  2. handsome  3.  beautiful 4. Blonde 5. Blue 6. Poor 7. Ugly 8. Happy 9. Brave 10. distant.
2. 2. Sounds terrible 3. Feel cold 4. Feel tired 5. Smell lovely 6. Looks Italian 7.smells wonderful 8. Became poor 9. Looks expensive 10 sounds russian 11. Tastes terrible 12. Became rich.
3. 2. A small eighteenth century English clock. 3. A short pink nylon night-dress 4.a beautiful diamond ring 5. A beautiful small old Scottish village 6. An ugly new yellow plastic handbag  7. a large triangular black and white notice 8. A beautiful old French palace 9. A small square garden 10 a valuable Roman silver coin 11. A long curving white Pacific  beach.

11 diciembre, 2009

3B Grammar Will/won’t

1.f 2.d ‘ll come back 3. h ‘ll be 4. a ‘ll be 5. l won’t have 6. j ‘ll get 7.g ‘ll feel 8.c ‘ll… lose 9. i ‘ll get 10. k ‘ll rain 11. b ‘ll pass 12. e won’t like

10 diciembre, 2009

3 A Grammar Going to, present continuous

a 2. It's going to rain.3. he's going to buy a car 4. he's going to catch a bus 5.she's goung towatch tv 6. he isn't going to swim 7. they're going to paris 8.they're going to go to the cinema.
b. 3.What's he doing on Sunday? He's meeting his mum.
4.What's he doing on Friday morning? He's doing his final exam.
5, Is he having dinner with Anna on Monday? Yes, he is.
6. When ‘s he going to the dentist? On Tuesday.
7.What's he doing on Friday night? He's going to Frank's party.
8.What's he doing on Saturday? He's going shopping.
9. When's he working? He's working on Wednesday.
10. Is he meeting Chris on Thursday? Yes, he is.

03 diciembre, 2009

3 B Grammar telling the time

a 2. It’s five to four
3. It’s twenty five past twelve.
4. It’s quarter to two.
5. It’s twenty to nine.
6. It’s twenty past eleven.
7. It’s twenty five to five.
8. It’s ten to ten.

b 3. At quarter to nine 4. At nine o’clock 5. At quarter past one 6. At six 7. At quarter to eight 8. At half past eight 9. At half past eleven.

3A Grammar adjectives

a 2. He’s an old waiter.
3. It’s a cheap hotel.
4. It’s an expensive car.
5. It’s an easy exercise.
6. They’re dirty glasses.
7. It’s a small mobile.
8. It’s a big city.
9. He’s a tall man.
10. It’s a long snake.