28 octubre, 2016

1B future forms KEY

2 ’re getting (‘’re going to get’ also possible but less common) 3 ’m going to look for 4 ’m having / ’m going to have 5 ’m going to be / ’ll be 6 ’s going to fall / ’ll fall 7 won’t tell 8 ’ll check 9 ’s      going to pass / ’ll 10 ’re going (‘’re going to go skiing’ also possible but less common) 11 Shall I turn 12 won’t take 13 ’m introducing / ’m going to introduce 14 ’m going (‘’m going to go shopping’ also possible but less common) 15 ’ll finish / ’re going to finish

24 octubre, 2016

19 octubre, 2016

1A Present simple and continuous key

a 2 I’m doing 3 do you come 4 do you have  5 it depends 6 Do you know 7 Do you mean
   8 I’m getting ready 9 are you living 10 I’m staying  11 do you do 12 want.
b 2 ’m buying 3 don’t like 4 depends 5 gets  6 do 7 sounds 8 Do (you) have to 9 have
   10 doesn’t work 11 meet 12 Do (you) want  13 need 14 is staying.

05 octubre, 2016

Celebrate Educators on National Teacher Day

Hello all,

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