23 marzo, 2013

Need surgery? Come to Spain

Medical tourism.

The private health sector and the tourist industry are teaming up to attract foreign visitors.

Ideal clients are looking to combine a Spanish vacation with treatment.

15 marzo, 2013

American & British English

After Dave's lessons, I guess you need to have a look at the differences between both.
This is a link with lists of vocabulary. You can check the British and American words.

08 marzo, 2013

Listening practice

If you want to practice your listening try these videos and exercises.

and Steve Jobs' address

Letters to the Media

These are good examples of letters to newspapers.

02 marzo, 2013


2. Obviously 3. That is to say 4. Besides 5. in other words 6. By the way 7. Anyway 8. Basically 9. On the one hand 10. To sum up.

01 marzo, 2013

The human cost of Spain's financial crisis

CNN News.
Read and watch this report. Follow the link.
Spanish Crisis