25 mayo, 2013

The ‘nocebo’ effect (p 71)

2. C
Examples which express that something is:
certain: 1 numerous documented instances; have established beyond doubt.
surprising: 2 the most remarkable thing.
possible or probable: 3 may be examples; are more likely to; it seems that; can produce; what we do know suggests; if it exists; may represent
seems unlikely: 4 may seem far-fetched

23 mayo, 2013


a 1. to have followed 2. to have been 3. to be told 4. running 5. to be working 6. to have saved 7. having committed/committing 8. to eat 9. phoning 10. to walk 11. to sit down

b 1. haven't got enough eggs to 2. hate being woken up 3. Do you regret not having (had) 4. without having finished school 5. I'd loved to have gone/ I'd have loved to have gone/I'd have loved to have been able to go 6. The children seem to be having a good time 7. plan is not to redecorate the kitchen.

10 mayo, 2013


2. smells like garlic 3. as if she had 4. been hearing good things about you 5. ice cream really tastes of  6. see anyone leave the house 7. sounds like a violin 8. to have changed much 9. heard the bomb go off 10. looks as if he didn't sleep very well 11. as though she was delighted 12. heard the couple arguing.


a 2. X had better not 3. √ 4. X mustn't download 5. √ 6. X ought to 7. √ 8. √ 9. X ought to have thought of.
b 2.√ 3. √ 4. had better 5. should 6. can't 7.√ 8. √.
c 2. no difference 3. no difference 7. must is stronger 8. had better is more urgent.

08 mayo, 2013

This is Spain for American series

Have a look at this blog, you`ll see 'Typical Spanish' stereotypes

Spaniards move to Germany in record numbers last year

Close to 30,000 packed their bags and headed to the European economic powerhouse.

Faced with massive unemployment at home, Spaniards upped and left for Germany in search of a better life in record numbers last year.