16 julio, 2013


If you want to improve pronunciation this link can help you to understand and see the differences between sounds.  There are animations and descriptions. Choose the sound and practise.



Revision file 5
5A gerunds and infinitives
a 1. going out  2. talking 3. do 4. waiting 5.to get 6. to tidy 7. not come  8. going 9. working 10. to know.

b. 1. seeing  2. calling 3. to read 4. locking 5. to turn 6. painting 7. to send 8. to learn.

5B used to, be used to, get used to
a 1. I usually go 2. we got used to drinking 3. √ 4. √ 5. used to  have 6. I'm used to it now 7. Did you use to eat .
b  1. get used to getting up 2. be used to eating 3. isn't used to making 4.used to spend 5. is used to be 6. used to wear 7.am used to having 8. isn't used to sharing.

5C reporting verbs
a 1. paying 2. to go out 3. not to walk 4.stealing 5. to give up 6. not to leave 7. taking 8.  not remembering.

b 1.suggested going 2. refused to eat 3.threatened to call 4.denied writing 5. asked me to go 6. remind Jack to have.

Revision file 6
6A articles
a  1. the 2. - home 3. - comics 4.-bed 5. a 6. - school 7. the 8. - prison 9.  a 10. the.

b  1.- 2. the 3. the 4. the 5. - 6. -7. the 8. the 9. the 10. -.

6B uncountable and plural nouns
a 1. X beautiful weather 2. X some lovely furniture 3. √ 4. X the police have 5. X new shorts 6. X the staff are 7. √ 8. X the homework was.
b 1. is 2. a pair of 3. look 4. try 5. √ 6. glass 7. some 8. some 9. progress 10. pair of glasses.

6C  quantifiers: all, every, etc
a 1. most of 2. no 3. everything 4. most 5. every 6. any 7. none 8. anybody.

b 1. either to France or to Spain. 2. neither of us 3. either on Friday or on Saturday. 4. both of my sisters could speak 5. neither of my parents.

Revision file 7
7A structures after wish
a 1.had 2. would live 3. would stop 4. would rain 5. bought 6. knew 7. would have 8. would turn it down.

b 1. I wish I hadn't left my wallet on the table. 2. I wish I had checked my watch. 3. I wish I hadn't bought a house in the city 4. I wish I hadn't dropped my phone. 5. I wish I hadn't been away for her birthday. 6. I wish I had had some sleep last night.

7B Clauses of contrast and purpose
a 1. despite 2. even 3. to 4. that 5. order 6. spite 7. as 8. Even 9. to 10. despite.

b 1. we wouldn't miss the train 2. she earns very little 3. the fact that the music was bad 4. it rained 5. not to be rude 6.  to greet the new staff.

7C relative clauses
a 1.√ 2. √ 3. X which was absolutely true 4. X who is very tall 5.  X to whom 6.X what I cook 7. √ 8. X whose suitcase disappeared 9.  X what I just said 10. X that I bought.

b  1.who is a professor at the university, is very clever 2. they sent us a Christmas card, which was a complete surprise 3. what he was trying to explain 4. I want to buy is a Mini 5. I spoke to was very helpful 6. which we bought years ago, crashes all the time 7. I saw in a shop yesterday isn't there anymore 8. too cold in my bedroom, which makes it impossible to sleep.

08 julio, 2013

Important information about mumps and vaccination.

  1. Read the text and complete each blank with ONE suitable word from the list supplied. Each word can be used ONLY ONCE. There are TEN distractors.
against              every               much                    residence                      whom
all                     from                miss                      serious                          will
be                     itself                of                          therefore                       would
because             lose                quick                     unhappy                        your
been                  many              quickly                  who                              yours

As you probably know, the number of cases of mumps both locally and in the rest of the UK has 1________ rising significantly. Mumps can have 2________ consequences.

As part of a wider campaign 3________ mumps in this area, the Health Protection Agency is organising vaccination sessions for University of Bristol students under the age of 25. People in this age group are vulnerable 4________ they are likely to have had the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination that is necessary for protection against the disease.

We strongly recommend that all students under the age of 25 take this opportunity to be vaccinated and so help prevent this unpleasant disease 5________ spreading.

Please call in at any of the vaccination sessions listed below, bringing your student card with you. The sessions have been scheduled to offer students as 6________ flexibility as resources allow. Please note that all the vaccination sessions – including the evening ones in two halls of  7________ - are open to 8________ students. The vaccination 9________will be very 10________ and the waiting time and paperwork should bring the total time taken up to about 20 minutes. An email has been sent to staff explaining that any students 11________ have to 12________ part or all of a lecture or laboratory session in order to be vaccinated should not 13________ penalised.

Thank you for your attention. We hope that with your co-operation and the help of the Health Protection Agency, it 14________ be possible to protect the University community from this illness.

15________ sincerely.