30 enero, 2016

3A so / such…that

a 2 such a 3 so many 4 such 5 so many 6 so 7 such a 8 such 9 so much 10 so
b 2 The film was so bad (that) we left after half an hour.
   3 The food was so disgusting (that) nobody could eat it.
   4 He made so many / such a lot of mistakes (that) the boss sacked him.
   5 It was such beautiful music (that) everyone stopped to listen.
   6 They were such good seats (that) we had a perfect view.
   7 There was so much / such a lot of traffic (that) we missed our flight.
   8 Joe ate so many biscuits (that) he felt sick.

27 enero, 2016


2. Angela agreed to book tickets for us all as it was her idea...
3. Seeing as it's your birthday, I?ll buy your lunch.
4. Because I'm trying to lose weight + 4
5. We were recommended to buy the text book second hand since +d
6. As the guest lecturer was late +c
7. I suggested we all go on holiday together seeing that +7
8. You should never walk under a ladder because +g

2. due to lack of interest.
3. due to/ owing to its central location.
4. due to human error.
5. due to/ owing to heavy clloud.
6. because of the bright sunlight.
7. because his telephone was engaged.
8. because of  local opposition.
9. because of his age.
10. because there was a fly in it.

2. I couldn't hear what Sue was saying with/ for the noise. or With the noise,  I couldn't hear what Sue was saying.
3. With her father (being) in hospital, Jane went to stay with her aunt. or Jane went to stay with her aunt, with her father (being) in hospital.
4. I felt a lot fitter with/ for all the exercise I was doing.  or With all the exercise I was doing I felt a lot fitter.
5. With the train drivers on strike tomorrow, I don't thik I'll go to London after all. or  I don't thik I'll go to London after all, with the train drivers on strike tomorrow.

22 enero, 2016

3A narrative tenses key

a 1 hadn’t noticed, had stopped 2 had been (carefully) saving, had been concentrating,
had been watching, had (only) been looking  3 was leaving, was happening, were looking
b 2 asked 3 mentioned 4 had been looking 5 had accused / accused 6 had searched / searched 7 made 8 had said 9 jumped up 10 made 11 had never seen 12 drove 13 parked 14 had taken place 15 came 16 started17 had never stolen 18 made 19 found   20 had stopped 21 were watching

15 enero, 2016