26 diciembre, 2011

Passive Voice

1.  1. A new hospital has been built. 2. A new shopping centre is being built. 3. It'll be finished next October. 4. The town hall was knocked down last week. 5. A new one is going to be built.

2. 1. was born 2. was taken 3. were nearly killed 4. were forbidden  5. was used 6. was lent 7. is now installed.

3. 1. has just been sent 2. was given 3. is shocked 4. hasn't been painted 5. are covered 6. is waken up 7. is allowed 8. will be let out 9.will be kept.

4. 1. I don't want to be told what to do. 2.I'd like to be listened 3.I should have been given more freedom by my parents and teachers. 4. I ought to have been allowed to be more independent.

43. 1. 1. Service is included. 2.This road isn't used very often. 3. All flights were cancelled because of fog. 4. I was accused of  stealing the money 5. A new ring-road is being built round the city 6.was being recorded 7. has been changed 8.  he had been attacked and robbed in the street.

43.2. 1. Every week it is watched by millions of people. 2. Are most of them exported? 3.  About 20 people were arrested. 4. When was it abolished? 5. But nobody was injured so it wasn't needed. 6.Was anything taken? 7. It's being redecorated. 8. It's being serviced at the garage. 9. It's been stolen. 10. They haven't been seen since then. 11. Has been painted since I was here? 12. It was blown down in the storm.

16 diciembre, 2011

Telling the time.

If you want to practice telling the time watch this video. Click on the link.