10 diciembre, 2009

3 A Grammar Going to, present continuous

a 2. It's going to rain.3. he's going to buy a car 4. he's going to catch a bus 5.she's goung towatch tv 6. he isn't going to swim 7. they're going to paris 8.they're going to go to the cinema.
b. 3.What's he doing on Sunday? He's meeting his mum.
4.What's he doing on Friday morning? He's doing his final exam.
5, Is he having dinner with Anna on Monday? Yes, he is.
6. When ‘s he going to the dentist? On Tuesday.
7.What's he doing on Friday night? He's going to Frank's party.
8.What's he doing on Saturday? He's going shopping.
9. When's he working? He's working on Wednesday.
10. Is he meeting Chris on Thursday? Yes, he is.

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