02 marzo, 2009


1 said 2 tell 3 say 4 said 5 telling 6 says 7 say 8 tell 9 say 10 tell 11 say 12 say 13 told 14 told 15 say 16 told 17 told 18 told.

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itziar dijo...

Hola Luisa, soy Itziar. Nos hemos enterado esta tarde de que no puedes venir, no se exactamente que te ha ocurrido, pero me alegro de que no haya sido grave. Espero que te mejores pronto. Supongo que nos avisaran para saber cuando volvemos a las clases. Mejorate. Un saludo.

Luisa dijo...

Thank you for your interest. It was a stupid accident at home. I was going upstairs and I sprained my left knee. I don't think it will take too long. The doctor told me to rest for ten or fifteen days. I'll let you know as soon as I'm better.