11 noviembre, 2007

cloze test

Are you having fun these holidays! Let's do some exercise to practise your reading skills.

For questions 1-15, read the text below and then decide which word best fits each space. Use only one word in each space.
A Ballooning Challenge
For those people who go out in search of adventure, a long-distance flight in a hot-air balloon is a particularly exciting (1)_______. Indeed, a round-the-world balloon trip is widely regarded as the (2)_______ challenge. One well-known adventurer, David Hemplemann-Adams would not agree, however. Recently, he became the first man to (3)_______ the North Pole in a hot-air balloon, a more significant (4)_______ in his eyes. Given that the distance and altitudes (5)_______ are comparatively modest, you might wonder why the trip from Canada to the Pole, should present such a challenge.
Part of the (6)_______ was that such a flight had not even been attempted for over a century. In those days, such expeditions were huge events, with a nation's pride (7)_______ on their success, and so resources were (8)_______ to them. Although he eventually managed to secure a substantial sponsorship (9)_______ from an insurance company, Hemplemann-Adams had the added challenge of having to (10)_______ sufficient funds for his trip.
Then, of course, he had to face major survival concerns, such as predicting the weather (11)_______ and coping with the dangerously low temperatures. But most challenging of all was the incredibly complex problem of navigation. As the earth's magnetic field gets stronger, only the most (12)_______ of satellite-linked navigation systems can (13)_______ that one has got to the Pole. Without them, the chances of getting anywhere near it are extremely (14)_______. Not to mention an even greater problem that (15)_______ on Hemplemann-Adams' mind: getting back!
1 ______ 2 ______ 3 ______
A ultimate A campaign A meet
B extreme B prospect B reach
C motion C utmost C attain
D engagement D eventual D fulfil
4 ______ 5 ______ 6 ______
A recognition A engaged A appeal
B acquisition B regarded B beauty
C achievement C involved C charm
D realisation D connected D allure
7 ______ 8 ______ 9 _____
A leaning A commended A bargain
B resting B confided B purchase
C waiting C confirmed C transaction
D standing D committed D deal
10 ______ 11 ______ 12 ______
A elevate A tendencies A sophisticated
B lift B conditions B refined
C raise C circumstances C cultured
D build D elements D educated
13 ______ 14 ______ 15 ______
A approve A thin A pushed
B confirm B slight B stressed
C reinforce C slim C pressed
D support D tight D weighed

1b,2 A, 3b,4c ,5c ,6 A ,7 B,8 D ,9D ,10 C,11B ,12 A ,13 B ,14 C,15 D,

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