10 diciembre, 2007

Car Crisis


Part A (gap-fill)
1. environmental
2. depend
3. person
4. contribution
5. manufactured
6. relationship
7. quality
8. surrounded
9. healthier
10. pick
11. supermarket
12. weightlifter
(Words that should not be used: convenient, polluters, air, warming)
Part B (10 mistakes/corrections):
All over the UK, environmentalists are trying to make motorists feel guilty just because they choose to drive to their local shops to buy a newspaper or a pint of milk. But why should you feel guilty? Why should they turn your comfortable one-minute journey by car into a physically exhausting twenty-minute hike, dodging puddles, rude pedestrians and aggressive dogs?
We at Carforce believe that everyone in the UK – and everyone in the world – has the right to use their cars to drive where they want, when they want. We are sick and tired of environmentalist scaremongering. They have always exaggerated the links/connections between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming. (And even if they haven’t, so what? Wouldn’t it be quite nice if Britain were/was a little warmer, particularly in the winter?)
Why should we let the environmentalists push us out of our cars and make us walk everywhere? Drivers have human rights too! The environmentalists might want us to live in the eighteenth century, but we don’t believe in living in the past: we believe in the future, and the future is full of cars – big, fast, shiny, beautiful cars!
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