04 diciembre, 2007

Noah Webster and American English spelling

Activity 1
1 a a change in something
b noun: a period of work time in a factory, hospital or other place where some people work during the day and some work at night; a shift key on a computer keyboard
Verb: to change from one gear to another when you are driving a car; to move slightly; to sell something; to get rid of something (British English); to move an object (British English)
2 to make someone determined to do something
3 a encouraged b you do it suddenly and do not take time to plan it or think carefully about it c a horse rider
4 a to combine things or form a connection between them b (1) up (2) knot (3) down c if traffic is tied up, it is not moving very quickly
5 a to establish
b set the rules/conditions/guidelines/limits/criteria/a record; set a(n) tone/pattern/fashion/trend/ precedent/example; set a goal/challenge/objective/task
Activity 2
a idiosyncratic b phonetic c unilaterally
Activity 3
a humor b behavior c liter d defense e skillful f check
Activity 4
a cellphone d sweets g trousers j gas(oline)
b rubbish e cookie h movie k sidewalk
c tap f (potato) chips i holiday l lift

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