21 enero, 2008


P. 26. 1 The – ing form as a verb1. surfing the net 2. Studying English 3. Raising money for sick animals 4. Singing 5. Gardening 6. Planning my holidays 7. Hill-walking 8. Helping homeless people.
Pattern a: Whenever I can, as often as I can, all my life, on Tuesdays
Pattern b: most of my evenings, all my Saturdays mornings, all my life, half my life
P. 27. 3 All right1.c 2. F 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. G 7. E
4 More –ing forms in use1 What do you mean just watching it or actually boxing /do you actually box yourself?
2 What do you mean just watching it or actually playing/ do you actually play it yourself?
3 What do you mean just going to Chinese restaurants or actually making/ do you actually make it yourself?
4 What do you mean just going to galleries or actually painting/ do you actually paint yourself?
5 What do you mean just youth culture or Beethoven and things like that?
P. 29 Reading. It’s a man’s world.
5 Comprehension check.
1 They go off in a huff
2 A glass ceiling.
3 The British Boxing Board of Control.
4 No, because she was being sarcastic.
6 Vocabulary check1. Champion 2. Ring 3. Sarcastically 4. Research 5. Earn 6.opposition 7.taking 8.crime.
1 Would and ‘d
1.c 2.e 3.a 4.b 5.d
2Grammar in context
1. I’d quite like to. 2.that’d be great 3.I would if I could 4. If you’d rather 5. That’d be great 6. I would if I could 7. I’d quite like to 8. If you’d rather.

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