12 marzo, 2008


Activity 1
a became important or well-known
b give prominence, rise to prominence
c the criminals in a particular community
d 1 underdog: a person, team or group that seems least likely to win a game, competition, election etc
2 undergrowth: small thick bushes that cover the ground, especially between larger trees in a forest
3 underling: an insulting word for someone who is less important or has lower status in an organization than someone else
4 understudy: an actor whose job is to learn someone else’s part in a play so that they can perform if that person is ill
5 undertaker: someone whose job is to make arrangements for funerals
e example answers
underestimate, undergo, underground, underline, undermine, underscore, undertake, underwear

Activity 2
a impossible to understand
b a person who listens to other people’s conversations without them knowing that the person is listening
c to eavesdrop is deliberate, to overhear is accidental
d a person who is kept in a prison, mental hospital, or other institution
e Warder is the odd one out. A warder is a person who works in the prison to guard the prisoners. All the other words are different words for inmate.

Activity 3
a a friend
b buddy
c to steal something
d to squeeze someone’s skin between your thumb and finger so that it hurts them; if shoes or clothes pinch, they hurt you because they fit too tightly; to arrest someone
e to do something at a pinch: to do something that is necessary and you have no choice;
to feel the pinch: to have less money than you need
f modern and fashionable
g feeling awake and thinking clearly

Activity 4
I got back to my house, sat down in my favourite chair and I read my book for a while. Then, just as I was going up thestairs to put my suit on because I was going for a few beers, the phone rang. It was my wife asking me to make some
supper for the kids.

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