20 abril, 2008

Grammar bank 6

6 A
a 1 there are 2 there’s 3 there are 4 there’s 5 there are 6 there’s
1. There’s atable in the kitchen.
2. Is there a fireplace in the living room.
3. There aren’t any plants in the living room.
4. Are there any cupboards in the kitchen.
5. There isn’t a shower in the bathroom.
6. There are some shelves in the study.
6 B
There were some double rooms
There was a swimming pool.
There was a restaurant.
There wasn’t a car park.
There weren’t any shops.
1. there were 2. There was 3. there were 4. Was there 5. There wasn’t 6. There was 7. Was there 8. There was 9. Were there 10. There weren’t 11. There was.
6 C
He’s having a shower.
What are they doing? They’re dancing.
What’s she doing? She’s dancing.
It’s raining.
She’s talking.
Are you doing.
Aren’t you doing
We’re studying
She’s waiting
They’re having
What’s she wearing.
6 d
1 right 2 right 3 wrong He’s having a great time 4 right 5 wrong I normally go... 6 right 7 wrong what do you do?
1 What are you doing? I’m waiting.
2 What does your mother do? She works...
3 They’re having... They have...
4 I’m going... Do you want...

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