27 mayo, 2008


Hi fourths, I'm posting this report by Luis Nuñez ( 4th A), which I think it could be interesting to read.


The aim of this report is to summarize the results of the last exam of fourth level in February. It is based on information made available by the EOI Rivas and on views expressed by the teacher and students. 39 people were involved.

The first part of the survey consists of an analysis of the general results including the four criteria necessary to pass the exam. These criteria were reading, writing, listening and speaking. Only 7 were successful, four of them belong to group A, the other three are in B.

Reading has been the skill where the majority passed, near 60 per 100, followed, and perhaps surprisingly by listening and writing which 21 and 20 people passed. Finally, the poorest exercise was speaking, since less than 50% were successful.

Pupils in B have a better command of grammar than their classmates in A, 13 and 11 pupils respectively passed, and are better at listening, 12 compared to 9. However, it is said that students in group A have better skills to pass the speaking part, 11-8, and above all, to take the written exam because 60 per 100 of all people who passed with flying colours belong to this class.

It was no surprise that the results were similar to those of years before. Four in every ten pupils usually are successful in all the criteria. Paying attention was rated as the most important factor in an exam, but speaking clearly and fluently coming second.

On the evidence of this survey it was found that there is an urban legend about the difficulty of listening. Many people found it the main reason to fail their exam.

Perhaps students should consider the possibility of working out a plan to improve their skills. In short, it is recommended to read newspapers and watch TV international channels every day, to create our own vocabulary with new words which could be used when we send an email or to write some paragraphs, and, finally, we might consider studying two or three hours daily.

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Hi, I'm Fidel (again)

I'd be good, do other report with the last exam of first level, too.

Another option would be watch your favorite movies in English with subtitles in English too (of course).


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