15 diciembre, 2008


1. suggestions:
go by bus = there may be a bus lane.
go by taxi = the driver may know a short cut to avoid the traffic jam.
go by train = avoids the traffic jam.
go by motorbike = can overtake the cars in the traffic jam.
cars and taxis: get a lift, share a taxi, hitchhike, put your foot down,
sit in the passenger seat, stuck in a traffic jam, get in/out of, a taxi rank, hail a taxi
buses and trains: a double-decker, take the underground, buy a return ticket, reserve a firstclass seat, catch the number 9, miss the inter city express, use public transport, pay the fare,it’s delayed, go on the sleeper, miss your connection, change at Swindon, sit on the top deck,a buffet car, get on/off, a bus lane
Note: we say get in/out of cars and taxis, but get on/off buses, trains, planes and boats.
a. bus = follows a fixed route from bus stop to bus stop round a town or city.
coach = does long distance journeys/goes from one town to another/more luxurious than a bus.
b. train = goes on rails from railway station in one town to the next.
tram = like a bus on rails that stops at tram stops and follows a fixed route round a town or city.
c. helicopter = aircraft with large metal blades on top that spin and lift it into the air.
hovercraft = a vehicle that can move over both land and water, raising itself above the surface by blowing air downwards.
d. passenger = someone travelling on a bus, train, plane, etc.
pedestrian = somebody walking in the street.
e. travel = go from one place to another.
commute = travel to work by the same route everyday.
1 At the weekend I love to ride into the country on my bike.
We went on a ride in a helicopter last week.
The bus ride from the airport was very pleasant.
2 The quickest way to get here is to take a taxi.
We took the 12.45 to Milan, and changed there.
How long does it take to get there?
3 Hurry up! We’ll be late if we don’t catch the next bus.
I’ll have to go I’m afraid. I have a train to catch.
If we don’t leave before 5 we’ll be caught in a traffic jam.
4 It’s a wonderful drive through the mountains into Switzerland.
I learned to drive with my dad, and passed my test four days after my
seventeenth birthday.
Do you need a special licence to drive a minibus?
1. go on an expedition 2. go on an excursion 3. go on a walk 4. go on a voyage 5. go on a journey 6. go on a business trip 7. go on a boat trip 8. go on a guided tour.
a. How much is it to the next stop?
Passenger getting on a bus at a bus stop.
b. A return to Reading, please – with a student travel card.
Passenger at railway station ticket office or on a train.
c. May I see your passport, please?
Customs official at check in desk at the airport.
d. Would you like a lift?
Car driver offering a friend a lift home.
e. Put your seatbelt on, please.
Car driver talking to passenger or flight attendant on a flight.
f. Where to, mate?
Taxi driver at the start of journey.
g. On today’s flight we will be flying at 10,000 feet.
Pilot at start of flight – in plane.

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