19 febrero, 2009


1. 2. It to Gary. 3 gave them to Sarah 4 he gave it to his sister 5 he gave them to Robert 6 he gave it to a neighbour.
2. 2 Joanna a plant 3 gave Richard a tie 4 I gave Emma a box of chocolates 5 I gave Rachel a bunch of flowers 6 I gave Kevin a pen.
3. 2 lend me an umbrella 3 you give me your address 4 can you lend me ₤ 20 5 can you send me some information 6 can you show me the letter 7 can you get me some stamps.
4. 2 Lend you some money 3 send the letter to me 4 buy you a present 5 pass me the sugar 6 give it to her 7showed the policeman the identity card.

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