05 febrero, 2009


This is an exercise to review Unit 4
Unit 4—Unusual Interests
Complete the sentence using one word only. REF: Unit 4 p26 Grammar: the -ing form as a verb
1. My sister went ____________________ in the Alps last year. She climbed Mont Blanc.
2. He's a real football fanatic. He spends half his life ____________________ old football matches on video.
3. We've spent ages ____________________ the trip. You can't cancel it now.
4. You spend your whole life ____________________ about things. Can't you be positive for a change?
5. _________________ a marathon can be quite dangerous if you're not properly prepared.
6. ______________ newspapers and magazines is one of the best ways of learning vocabulary.
7. ______________ a foreign language may help you to get a job in the future.
Complete the dialogues with an expression containing all right. REF: Unit 4 p27 Expressions with all right
A: Is everything all right, Sir?
B: Well, actually it's not! The food is cold and the service is far too slow.
8. A: ___________________________________ now?
B: I'm much better, thanks. That coffee you gave me has done me no end of good.
9. A: ___________________________________ I borrow your bike tonight?
B: Yes, sure. So long as you look after it.
10. A: Oh no! Now we're never going to finish on time.
B: Don't worry. Everything's ___________________________________.
Complete the dialogue using an expression with would. Use the hints in brackets to help you.
REF: Unit 4 p31/G5 Expressions with would
11. A: We're going to take the coast road tomorrow.
B: ________________________________________ ! It gets really congested in August. (hints: if; were)
12. A: Actually, I don't really feel like doing the cleaning today. I'm feeling a bit tired.
B. Well, ________________________________________ , we could always leave it until tomorrow. (hint: rather)
13. A: Do you think you could give me a hand with the painting next week?
B: ________________________________________ , but I can't. I'm going to Madrid on Monday morning. (hint: could)
14. A: Shall I pick the kids up from school today?
B: ________________________________________ , if you could. (hint: great)
15. A: What do you think of my new outfit?
B: Well, the shirt's ok, but ________________________________________ wearing that jacket! (hint: dead)
16. A: Have you got any ideas for the summer?
B: Well, ________________________________________ go on a cruise. It's something I've always wanted to do. (hint: quite)
17. A: Where's Barbara tonight?
B: She's gone canyoning with some friends.
A: Gosh! She must be crazy. ________________________________________ doing anything like that! (hint: catch)
18. A: We're going scuba-diving this weekend. Do you want to come along?
B: You must be joking! ____________________ go scuba-diving ____________________! (Hint: even; paid)

MULTIPLE CHOICE REF: Unit 4 p28 Reading Vocabulary: collocation
1. The product has been withdrawn from the market until further ____________________.
a.research has been done
b.research has been made
c.researches have been done
2. If you get the job, you can ____________________ 30,000 euros a year.
a.think to earn
b.expect to win
c.expect to earn
3. There is a lot of ____________________ the plans for a new indoor shopping centre.
a.confrontation to
b.opposition to
c.opposition against
4. We're ____________________ if we allow things like that to happen.
a.taking a big risk
b.making a big risk
c.making a large risk
5. I tried to ____________________ his argument by pointing out that there were still relatively few women in top positions.
6. Some people consider him to be mentally ____________________.
7. Could you ____________________ into town?
a.take me a lift
b.give me a lift
c.lift me
Write the sport that corresponds to the definition. Unit 4 p30 Vocabulary: sport
1. In this sport, you sit on a long, wide piece of plastic and go very fast down a snow-covered hill. ________________________
2. In this sport, you jump from something very high such as a bridge. A rope is tied to your
legs to make sure that you swing back up before hitting the ground._______________________
3. In this sport, two people fight by holding each other and trying to throw each other to the ground.________________________
4. In this sport, you jump from a plane and fall for some distance before opening a parachute. ________________________
5. In this sport, you hold onto a large, cloth-covered frame and fly slowly through the air from a high point such as a cliff ________________________

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