27 noviembre, 2009

2C Questions with and without auxiliaries

a 2. where do Manga comiccs come from? Japan
3. Where did John Lennon die? New York
4, Which country won the 2002 W.C? Brazil
5. When did the Vietnam war end? 1975
6. Who invented the electric light bulb? Thomas Edison
7 Who directed the STAR WAR films? George Lucas
8. When did the first man walk on the moon? 1969
9. Where do polars bears live? the North Pole
10. Which actor played Spiderman? Tobey Maguire
11. How many countries belong to the U.N.? 191
12 Which machine did Marconi invent in 1895? The radio
13. Who married Ton Cruise in 1990? Nicole Kidman
14. When did Nelson Mandela become president of S A? 1994
15. Which country has a red, white and blue flag? Russia

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Zifra (José Ra) dijo...

Thanks very much! This is bvery useful for me. I'm a 50-year-old student of English language in Seville