30 noviembre, 2009

Who saw you (questions)

44. 1.
2. What fell off the shelf?
3. Who wants to see me?
4. who took my umbrella?
5. what made me ill?
6. who is coming
3. Who did you phone?
4. what happened last night?
5. who knows the answer?
6. who did the washing up?
7. What did Jill do?
8. what woke me up?
9. who saw the accident?
10. who did you see?
11. who’s got my pen?
12. What does the word mean?
2. Who phoned you last night? What did she want?
3. Who did you ask? What did he say?
4. who got married last week? Who told you?
5. Who did you meet? What did she tell you?
6. Who won? What did you do after the game?
7. Who gave you a book? What did Catherine give you?

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