18 febrero, 2010

Grammar Past simple

The past tense of BE and HAVE
Reporter: Where were you? And where was the monster?
Henry: I was here. It was a great shock. It wasn’t very nice.
R: What was the monster like?
H: It was a very large animal. It had a large body, but it had a small head. Its eyes were blue and round. It had teeth, but they weren’t very big. It didn’t have any ears.
H: I didn’t have my camera with me. And it was very quick.

The simple past tense (positive and negative)

He didn’t repair a broken window.
He didn’t book a holiday
He wrote to the bank
He didn’t phone the sports club
He paid the electricity bill
He tidied the garage
He didn’t paint the gate
He didn’t clean the windows
The simple past tense (positive)
1. Stopped, got. 2. Had 3.held 4. Threw, smashed 5. took, put
6. Happened, stood, watched 7. Jumped, drove 8. run, called.

The simple past tense (questions)
1 Why did she disappear?
2 did she leave the country?
3 How did she travel?
4 did her friends hide her?
5 What did she do in all that time?
6 Did she read the stories about her in the newspapers?
7 Why did she come home?
8 did her husband find her?

How to get help
B1 gave, felt, went, said, took, got.
Secret message: don’t worry, be happy.
2 grammar: Pas tense
1 felt 2 gave 3 was 4 didn’t 5 did 6 gave 7 said
B2 unscramble the sentences and answer the questions.
2. I felt angry with my brother
3. Tim went out with my friend. Yes, she did.
4. My sister said I was fat. No, she didn’t.
5. He gave the photo to my girlfriend. No, he didn’t.
6. He got upset with his brother. Yes, he did.
Grammar practice: past tense
Say- said
Give- gave
Feel- felt
Unit 11
1. Cleaned. 2. Opened 3. Started, finished 4. Wanted 5. Happened
6. rained 7. Enjoyed, stayed 8. Died.
1 got 2 saw 3 played 4 paid 5 visited 6 bought 7 went 8 thought
9 copied 10 knew 11 put 12 spoke.
1 flew 2 got 3 had 4 left 5 drove 6 got 7 parked 8 walked
9 checked 10 had 11 waited 12 departed 13 arrived 14 took.
2 she lost her keys last week.
3 she met her friends yesterday evening.
4 yesterday I bought two newspapers.
5 last Sunday we went to the cinema.
6 yesterday I ate an orange.
7 this morning he had a shower.
8 they came to see us last Friday.
Unit 12

2. didn’t work
3. didn’t go
4. didn’t have
5. didn’t do
2. Did you enjoy...?
3. Did you have...?
4. Did you finish...?
6. Did you sleep...?
2. Got up or didn’t get up
3. Had or didn’t have
4. Bought or didn’t buy
5. Ate or didn’t eat.
6. Went or didn’t go.
2. Did you arrive?
3. Did you win?
4. Did you go?
5. Did it cost?
6. Did you go to bed late?
7. Did you have a good time?
8. Did it break?
2. bought 3.did it rain yesterday? 4. Didn’t stay 5. Opened
6. I didn’t have time 7. How did you do that? 8. I didn’t know about it.

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