21 octubre, 2010

Cutting edge Elemetary- practise key

Module 1
1. Short forms
b He’s
c. I’m
d. you’re
e. I’m not
f. We’re not/ we aren’t
g. We’re
h. she’s not/ she isn’t
i. they’re not/ they aren’t
2. Be
a. are you married?
b. This is Pablo.
c. what’s your name?
d. where are you from?
e. they’re Italian.
f..I’m not a student.
g. she’s twenty three.
h. we’re on holiday.
i. How old is he?
3. Countries and nationalities
b. Britain, British
c. Russia, Russian
d. Italy, Italian
e. Spain, Spanish
f. China, Chinese
g. Poland, Polish
h. Japan, Japanese
4. a/an jobs
b. a businessman
c. a nurse
d. an engineer
e. a waiter
f. an electrician
g. a police officer
h. a lawyer
5. Question words
b. How
c. what
d. where
e. how
f. what

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