09 diciembre, 2010

Present simple and continuous.

  1. 2.  I don’t understand 3. Jim and his father aren’t watching 4. He’s washing 5. Why are we running? 6. What is Tom doing? 7. What time does Joe get up? 8. We don’t go 9. Do you come from Denmark? 10. I always stay 11. Does it snow? 12. Joanna isn’t cooking. She’s talking
  2. a. Every day I get up at 7.00 and have a shower. Then I clean my teeth and brush my hair. I get dressed and do some exercises. Then I go for a run, when I arrive I read the newspaper and listen to the news on the radio….
b. At the moment , I’m writing this exercise and looking at the computer. ..

3. 2 Do you read? Yes, I do. 3. Does it snow? Yes, it does 4. Do you usually do? Yes, I do 5. Are you drinking coffee now? Yes, I am. 6. Do you drink coffee? Yes, I do. 7. Are you working at the moment? Yes, I am. 8. Do children eat? Yes they do.

4.  3. does Pam do 4. isn’t working 5. are you smiling 6. don’t eat meat 7. are you reading? 8. do you get up 9. He’s making coffee 10. do you go to work 11. They aren’t watching it 12. we’re learning Greek.

5.  2. Do you do? What are you doing?  3. do you usually finish? Are you leaving now? 4.  What’s John doing? Does he watch? 5. What are Laura and Philip doing? How much does it cost? 6. Why are they running? What time does school start? Or What time do they start school?

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