10 marzo, 2011


Last April two British teenagers wanted to go to Australia for their summer holiday. But it was a 24-hour journey by plane and tickets were very expensive. So, Raoul Sebastian and Emma Nunn, aged 19, looked for cheap tickets on the Internet. They were lucky, and they booked two tickets to Sydney.
On August 4th they arrived at Heathrow airport. They checked in and waited for the plane to leave. Six hours later they landed at a big airport and changed planes.
Emma: ‘I was a bit worried because the second plane was very small, but I didn’t want to say anything to Raoul.’
Raoul: ‘After only an hour the plane landed. We looked out of the window. It was a very small airport. We walked to the information desk and I showed our tickets to the woman.’
‘When is our next flight?’ I asked.
She looked at our tickets. ‘The next flight? This is the end of your journey. Where did you want to go?’
Where are we?’ I asked.

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