30 noviembre, 2012


Revision file 2
2A Adjectives as nouns, adjective order
a. 1. The Argentinians 2. The injured 3. The disabled 4. The French  5. The sick 6. The Italians 7. The homeless 8. The rich
b. 1. an intelligent young doctor 2. dirty old socks 3. a glamorous red leather jacket 4. a tall thin man  5. a wide sandy beach  6. a lovely new soft carpet 7. a smart Italian briefcase 8. a friendly big black dog
 2B Narrative tenses
a. 1. had been queuing 2. had stolen 3. had been raining 4. had have 5. hadn't changed 6.   had been sunbathing/ had forotten 7. had been arguing 8. had fallen
b. 1. were checking in 2. had won 3. had been looking 4. had forgotten 5. had arrived 6.   ran 7. went 8. was filling in 9. hurried 10. caught.
2C Adverbs and adverbial phrases
a. 1. He likes that book very much 2. √ 3. The fire engine arrived immediately 4. √ 5. √ 6. They won the game easily because they played excellently 7. I almost forgot his birthday. 8. Luckily, she had taken her umbrella 9. Rarely, they eat healthily 10. Apparently, Nick has been sacked.
b. 1. The house was badly damaged in the flood last summer 2.Obviously, we must do something quickly 3.Liam is sometimes at his friend's flat in the evening 4. He just burst in and didn't even say hello 5. She often drives extremely fast 6. Anna danced wonderfully at the ballet last night 7. Apparently, Tom nearly broke his arm when he was skiing. 8. My mother usually sleeps a little in the afternoon.

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