16 diciembre, 2012


3A Passive (all forms)
a. 1. The road was opened when it was safe.
   2. My camera has been stolen.
   3.  My house is being cleaned.
   4.  A meeting will be held next week.
   5. I was fined for travelling without ticket.
   6. You can be arrested for drink-driving.
   7. She thinks she was being followed last night.
   8. The house had been sold a long time ago.
b. 1. It is believed that the robbers are local men. The robbers are believed to be local men.
    2. It is said that the muggers are extremely dangerous. The muggers are said to be extremely dangerous.
   3. It is thought that the burglar entered through an open door. The burglar is thought to have entered through an open door.
   4. It is thought that the killer is hiding nearby. The killer is thought to be hiding nearby.
   5. It is expected that the trial will last three months. The trial is expected to last three months.
3B Future perfect and future  continuous.
a. 1. will be flying. 2.  will have saved. 3. Will be driving. 4. will be having. 5. will have paid 6. will have finished.
b. 1. won't be lying 2. will be working 3.will have disappeared 4. will have doubled 5. will be moving 6. will have grown 7.will have run out 8. will have invented 9. will be driving.
3C Conditionals and future time clauses.
a. 1. I'm not feeling 2. won't be going 3. she'll be sleeping 4. aren't wearing 5. we'll have moved 6. die.
b. 1. before  2. in case  3.unless  4. when  5. after  6. if  7. in case  8. until.

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