16 octubre, 2013


4. Metaphor
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Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners.

1. Forcing someone to do something is like putting physical pressure on them, or pulling or pushing them. [p585]
2. Happiness and hope are like bright light or bright colours. Sadness and lack of hope are like darkness or dark colours. [p685]
3. Helping people is like supporting them physically, for example with your body or with something that you build. [p706]
4. Having an opportunity to do something is like having a door or way of getting into a build­ing. [pp1050 and 1051]
5. Being successful is like being high up. Failing is like falling or being low down. [pp1494 and 1495]
6. Wanting something is like being hungry or thirsty, and doing or having something you want is like eating it.[p1676] 

1. pressure her
2. her little face light up
3. give a helping hand
4. what kind of doors may open
5. make it to the top

6. lost a taste for it all

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