29 abril, 2014

5 B used to, be used to, get used to

a 2 get used to 3 usually 4 was used to being able to
5 used to be 6 usually go

b 2 am used to 3 get used to 4 used to 5 usually
6 get used to 7 am used to 8 get used to

9 get used to 10 used to
c 2 being 3 seeing 4 get up 5 eating

2 comentarios:

Ernesto García dijo...

Hi teacher,
I don´t know if you watch this blog while you are on holidays but I'm very sorry because yesterday I couldn't assist your class. I had a work related problem and, because I was needed to sleep I couldn't write you until now.
If you give me your mail I'll send you by this way the "Book Revue" I've needed to gave you yesterday


Luisa dijo...


There's no need to send me your review. You can give it to me on Monday.