30 mayo, 2014

Hand of death -ed and -ing adjectives

a. Edwin is a charming host; he makes all his guests fell relaxed.
b. I thought that the meal was disgusting- it tasted revolting!
c. Small children can be very infuriating; they often make me feel annoyed.
d. I am usually confused by cricket; it is certainly complicated.
e. Don't expect to be excited by the play; I thought it was very disappointing.

a. embarrassed  b. interesting, bored  c. amazing  d. depressed  e. confusing  f. exhausting, tired  g. exciting, fascinating  h. exhilarating, terrified.


a. invigorating  b. tired  c. relaxing d. bored  e. exciting  f. disgusting  g. appalling  h. interested   i. charming  j. fascinating.

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