29 mayo, 2015


7 and 8.
1. get over this (recover)
2. setting them up (start a business or other organisation)
3 hit on it (have an idea)
4. fell back on some salsa dance music (use as a substitute)
5. getting out of dangerous situations (avoid or leave a difficult situation )
6. carrying them out (do)

1. I'm thinking of taking up Pilates.
2. It took me ages to get over it.
3. He set it up last year.
4. We couldn't get out of it.
5. The doctor is going to carry out some tests on my knee.
6. How did you hit on that idea?
7. What do you put its success down to?
8. It takes me back to my childhood.

1. set aside = reserve
2.  go in for = have an interest in doing
3. take up = start to do
4. keep up with = stay in touch with/ not be left behind by
5. join in = be involved

6. put off = deter from

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