19 octubre, 2015


  1. Who paid for it?
  2. Do you know who that woman is over there?
  3. Where are they going on their honeymoon? How long are they going for?
  4. Who did Tony come with? Why did she leave him?
  5. How long have Matt and Claire known each other? Where did they meet? Who told you that?

b. 2. Do you know why Sara didn’t come to the wedding?
    3. Do you know if/ whether that tall woman over there is Claire’s mother?
    4. Do you remember what Molley’s husband does?
    5. Do you have any idea if/ whether I can get a taxi alter midnight?
    6. Do you remember if whether Claire’s sister got married here?
    7. Do you think they’ll be happy?
    8. Do you know where they put our cotas?

2 comentarios:

Rosa Martinez dijo...

Hi Luisa! Do you have the keys of 1A "communicative Ask me a question"? I can't found it.

Luisa dijo...

I've just posted them. We checked them in class; I thought you didn't need them.