24 mayo, 2016

Grammar Bank 8A PASSIVE

1 The road was closed after the accident.
2 My handbag has been stolen.
3 My house is being painted.
4 A meeting will be held / is being held tomorrow…
5 If the bomb hadn’t been found in time,...
6 You can be arrested for driving without a licence.
7 Miranda thinks she was followed / was being followed last night.
8 I hate being / to be woken up when I’m fast asleep.
9 The local police station is going to be closed.
1 It is believed that the burglar is a local man.
The burglar is believed to be a local man.
2 It is said that the muggers are very dangerous.
The muggers are said to be very dangerous.
3 It is thought that the robber entered through an open window.
The robber is thought to have entered through an open window.
4 It is said that the murderer has disappeared.
The murderer is said to have disappeared.
5 It is expected that the trial will last three weeks.
The trial is expected to last three weeks.

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