31 agosto, 2016

GRAMMAR quantifiers: all, every, both, etc.KEY

Grammar  Bank 10A

1 Most of         6 any
2 any                7 None
3 Everything    8 Anybody
4 Most              9 neither
5 every            10 no
1 Both the kitchen and the bathroom need cleaning.
2 The food wasn’t cheap or tasty. / The food was neither cheap nor tasty.
3 ✓
4 The journey was both long and boring.
5 It’s either Jane’s or Karen’s birthday today.
6 ✓
7 Both her aunt and her cousin came to visit. / Her aunt and her cousin both came to visit.
8 We can either walk or take the bus.
9 ✓ (Or I have two children, but neither of them looks like me.)
10 My parents love horses, and both of them ride every day

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