06 abril, 2017

Although/though/even though In spite of/despite

UNIT 113
2. Although I had never seen her before,
3. although it was quite cold.
4. although we don’t like them very much.
5. Although I didn’t speak the language,
6. Although the heating was on
although we’ve known each other for a long time
although I’d met her twice before.
2 a. In spite of b.although 3 a. Because b. Althoug 4 a. Because of b. In spite of 5 a. Although b. Because of. 6 a he didn’t study b. He studied 7 a. I was hungry b. Being hungry.
2. In spite of having very little money, they are happy
3.Although my foot was injured, I managed...
4. In spite of the silly story, I enjoyed the film.
5. Despite the fact that we live in the same street, we hardly ever see each other.
6. Even though I had an umbrella, I got very wet in the rain.
2. It’s quite warm, a bit windy though.
3. I ate it though.
4. I don’t like her husband though.

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