17 septiembre, 2007


Use in combination that YOU find best, if external checks indicate progress.
Your subconscious is ALWAYYS active: program it!
1. Put on CDs and DVDs in English and then don’t actively listen! Yes, you read it right: DON’T LISTEN! You can do this while you are concentrating on doing something else: washing the dishes, driving your car, reading the newspaper, eating, etc just like background music or radio. IMPORTANT: this works best with material you are familiar with already, or going to study intensely later. Put it in a volume you can only just hear. The more hours, the better. The more often, the better.
2. CDs and DVDs with written texts &/or English subtitles. You can vary:
- (Doing the listening comprehension task first or last or both, if there is one). - First reading, the listening, once or several times. –Viceversa- reading and listening together. -Checking all new vocabulary, only after you’ve worked with it for a bit. – Checking what’s new BEFORE you begin. – Little bit by little bit, with the pause button. – Long sections at a time. – Repeating and recording yourself either short bits or longbits, both reading and from memory. – Exercise eye reading and hearing and speaking and writing using the cassette or video text as a dictation, covering the script with a bit of paper and checking it briefly, repeating as you go. – Don’t forget to also sometimes practice for MAXIMUM comprehension on just ONE hearing, THE REAL-LIFE situation very often!

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