26 septiembre, 2007

How to give a talk

(Adapted from Framework Level 4)
A talk is often associated with business situations: presenting a new product, speaking at a meeting, explaining facts and figures. Sometimes giving a talk can form part of an exam. It cam also involve speaking to your classmates about something that interests you.
The following statements give advice about giving a talk:
-Prepare your talk and make notes on the main points (collect vocabulary you will use in your talk).
-Don’t read aloud from a piece of paper.
-Divide the talk into parts and tell the audience what will be in each part.
-Use expressions to help you organise the talk.
-Don’t speak quickly and use complicated sentences.
-Ask if the audience has any questions at the end.
-Introduce the talk
" This morning I’m going to talk about..."
-Divide the talk into parts
"I’ve divided my talk into four parts."
-List the main points
"First I’d like to focus on.... Second, I’ll consider.... Then, I’ll move on to.... Finally, I’ll propose that..."
-Introduce each part
" So, let’s start with...Now, let’s move on to...Now, let’s turn our attention to... This brings me to the last point."
"So to summarise..."
-End the talk
"This brings me to the end of my talk"
-Deal with questions.
" If you have any questions. I’ll do my best to answer them."
If you have to give a talk as part of an oral exam, it helps to:
-Practise your talk first by giving it to friends or by recording yourself, once or several times, it helps to feel more confident.
-If possible, stand up while you are speaking.
-Keep eye contact with your audience.
-Breathe deeply before you start- and smile!

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