08 octubre, 2007

Listening tips for listening to the news

Author: Miles Craven
Some useful tips if you want to listen to the news.
-Make sure you have heard the news in your own language before you listen. Perhaps make some notes of the main stories, including any names of people or places.
-Don’t worry about how much you understand. Listen to or watch the report first a few times ‘just for fun’.
-Stop and review as many times as necessary.
-Write a brief summary (one or two sentences) of each story.
-Set yourself a few questions to answer. Then listen again for the answers.
-Make notes of any new vocabulary you think is useful.
-Why not listen to the news with a friend? You can help each other by talking about what you each understand.
-When you feel confident, try listening to the news in English in different accents.

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