28 noviembre, 2008

Choose in on or at. Answer Key

1. I like salt ______ soup, but not too much. in
2. John is ______ the hospital. in or at
3. I’m going to my cousin’s house ______ Saturday. on
4. How much sugar do you put ______ your coffee? in
5. We get ______ the bus every morning ______ seven and go to work. On, at
6. The meeting is ______ Tuesday ______ nine ______ the morning. On, at, in
7. We live ______ a small city ______ the northeastern part of the country. In, in
8. They went fishing ______ the lake. at or on
9. There’s a lot of life ______ the bottom of the sea. on or at
10. Where’s Joe? Joe’s ______ the post office. in or at
11. We are sitting ______ a table ______ some comfortable chairs. at – on or in chairs
12. We were ______ a boat when we saw some whales. on or in
13. The whales stayed ______ the surface for a while. on
14. I heard a song I like ______ the radio. on
15. We thought we were going to be late, but we got there just ______ time. in
16. We thought we were going to be late, but we got there ______ time. in or on
17. We were walking ______ the beach when we decided to go ______ the water. On, in
18. I bought a couple of really good shirts. They were ______ sale ______ a good price. On, at
19. Do you like whipped cream ______ your coffee? in or on
20. We were sitting ______ the bed talking for a little while. on
21. I think you should take an umbrella ______ case it rains. in
22. It’s not a good idea to stand up ______ a canoe. in
23. We bought some books ___ a good price. We put the books ___ a box __ the shelf. At, in, on
24. How long have you been working ______ this project? on
25. I started working ______ this quiz ______ seven o’clock. On, at
26. I read about it ______ an article ______ the Internet. In, on
27. He’s been posting messages again ______ ESL/EFL forums ______ the Internet. At, on
28. She hasn’t spoken to him ______ a few days. She said she’d call ______ a couple days. In, in
29. There have to be other forms of intelligent life ______ other planets ______ the universe. On, in
30. We’re going for a ride ______ the country ______ Sunday morning. In, on
31. We’ll be back ______ about nine ______ the evening. At, in
32. We’re leaving early ______ the morning, and we’ll be back late ______ night. In, at
33. I recorded my voice ______ a small cassette player so they could hear it a few times. on
34. ______ the winter we have to be careful not to slip ______ the ice and fall ______ the ground. In, on. on
35. They’re sick ______ the head. in
36. What do you have ______ your mind? Or What do you have ________ mind? in
Some Guidelines and Notes for Using In On At

in - Use "in" for spaces with limitations. Use "in" for enclosed areas.
on - Use "on" for surfaces. Use on for spaces within a larger area.
at - Use "at" for locations.
in - Use "in" for enclosed spaces. This applies to both physical space and time.
on - Use "on" for surfaces. This applies to both physical space and time.
at - Use "at" for locations. This applies to both physical space and time.
Use "on" with: street names, days of the week, dates, specific time frames, holidays
Use "in" with: names of cities, towns, states, provinces, countries; years, months, specific weeks, large comfortable chairs
Use "at" with: street names and numbers, specific times, locations that are not in view when speaking, at a table
note: in the house, at home,
note: at Joe's house - Use "at" for locations that are not in view at the time of speaking.
We can say "in bed" even though "bed" is a surface.
We say "on the bed" when bed is used for something other than sleeping.
They're sitting on the bed. - bed - thought of as surface when used as a seat
Hellen is still in bed. - bed - thought of as an enclosed area when used for sleeping
They are sitting at the table.
table - location
They are sitting on the table.
table - surface

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