28 noviembre, 2008

modal verbs: Present and future

4. b) could be dangerous c) can be really... d) I won’t lent you... e) we could go... f) should I turn off the oven,... g) I would not expect Harry to...(certainty Harry’s not going to resign) h) this can’t be the way i) we might as well give up now ( idiomatic expression: Más valdría J) you should turn off...
5. a)A b)B c)B d)B e)A f)B g)B h)A i)A (idiomatic expression: Por más que lo intento)
6. b) don’t have to c) can d) can’t e) wouldn’t be as f) will g) couldn’t be h) can i) must like
J) may/could be
7. b) will give me... c) we may as well call... d) you don’t have to lie... e) in case the burglar comes back, you’d better change all... f) it may be summer, but the temperature is more... g) you had better leave before Jack... h) Helen wouldn’t behave like that i)you couldn’t possibly tell Sally the truth
8. b) can’t/couldn’t c) should d) could be e) may/might as f) won’t g) will h) can i) wouldn’t be J) shall/ may

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